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Did You Know That These 5 Car Components Can Actually Be Recycled?

18 November 2019


The conversation surrounding sustainability has never been more of a focal point than it is today. With environmentalists leading the way and shining the light on a more sustainable future, we all ' must do our bit’ towards supporting a more sustainable future.

With companies adopting new, more sustainable practices, the team here at Scrap Your Car Online is proud to already be recognised as a responsible vehicle recycling network.

Did you know that each vehicle scrapped with Scrap Your Car Online achieves a 95% recycling rate?

Join us as we uncover 5 car components that you may not have released can actually be recycled!

#1 Scrap Metal

This may be one of the most obvious, recyclable components, but scrap metal makes up a large proportion of a cars total mass. 

Axels, aluminium rims, handles and other metals can all be sold to scrap metal companies that will melt the metal down to reuse.

#2 Engine Oil

You may be surprised to hear that engine oil can actually be cleaned for use by reputable collection centres. 

Engine oil doesn’t have an expiry date; it simply gets dirty – in the correct hands, oil can actually be cleaned for reuse!

#3 Batteries

Car batteries are one of the most commonly recycled car components.

Containing toxic chemicals that can be extraordinarily damaging to the environment if not recycled properly, it is currently illegal to dispose of your car battery as a part of your household waste.

#4 Mats & Carpets

Did you know that car mats and carpets are actually highly recyclable?

If you’re car mats or carpets are in good shape, they can simply be sold on to over motorists to use. Older carpets can also be used to insulate compost heaps or keep pesky weeds at bay!

#5 Tyres

When it comes to tyres many individuals picture burning heaps, polluting the local air space. 

However, reputable scrap networks like Scrap Your Car Online seek responsible recycling networks which reuse old tyres for a multitude of applications. 

Applications include rubberised asphalt and rubber crumb chippings.