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What Condition Does My Car Need To Be In Before Scrapping?

08 January 2020

Scrap Your Car

What Condition Does My Car Need To Be In Before Scrapping? 

If you’re planning to start the New Year with a new set of wheels you may be considering recycling your old car with your local scrap network. A question that we often get asked by our customers before they scrap their car is, what condition does my car need to be in to scrap my car?

Often older vehicles have suffered catastrophic engine failure or serious damage after a collision and owners are often left contemplating whether or not they will be able to actually scrap their vehicle.

Well, we have some good news….

We Will Scrap Your Car No Matter The Condition

As long as your car has all four wheels, we will collect your vehicle no matter what the overall condition is. At Scrap Your Car Online we have scrapped cars that have been falling to pieces, wrapped around trees – you name it, we’ve scrapped it!

Whether your car is in working order or not we will still come to collect it – but be sure to let us know if your vehicle is in a difficult position for recovery. We may need to use specialist equipment to successfully remove your car if it’s in a difficult location.

Need To Scrap Your Car?

Are you looking to scrap your car?

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