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5 Tips On Increasing The Life Of Your Car

Tue, 15 Dec 2020 11:25:00

Let’s face it, cars are out of date as soon as you buy them, there’s always a newer model in production and even then, the manufacturer whether it be Vauxhall, Ford or Mercedes are always looking to innovate and take advantage of the latest technology.

And what’s more, is that a car is an expensive investment. So naturally, you want to get your money’s worth before upgrading to a newer model. How might you increase the longevity of my car you may ask.

Well in this guide, we’ll give you 5 tips on what you can do to increase the life of your car.


By making sure your tyres are fully pumped up and have the legal amount of tread depth, you can help increase the longevity of your car.

If you’re drinking around with deflated tyres and a worn tread depth, it can be damaging to not just the wheels of your car but also the power. You will need more petrol and power to move the car along, thus it taking more energy than it normally would.

Always make sure your tyres are pumped up and that you have the correct tread depth on your car.

Maintenance Checks

Remember when you learned how to drive, you also had to do some maintenance checks under the bonnet? Well, these checks can also help increase the life of your car.

Engine oil, brake fluid, windscreen wash, battery and general checks under the bonnet of your car can help keep your car on the road for longer.

Running around without any oil or brake fluid can be dangerous, so you want to make sure these are topped up, at least on a monthly basis.


The most important factor here is to always make sure you’re filling your car with the correct fuel type whether that’s petrol or diesel. Otherwise, this can be damaging to your car and quite expensive to fix.

And where possible opt-in for the higher quality fuel, it may be more expensive, but it can impact your engine components and help improve the longevity of the vehicle.


Perhaps one of the easiest tasks on this list it to make sure your car is clean. We’ve specifically mentioned the interior, but you should not forget the exterior too. Keeping the seats clean, the footwells clean and the overall interior and exterior body work of the car can help keep the car looking relatively new, even if it’s a few years old.


And finally, you should always get your car booked in for a service.

Issues that may be spotted earlier on may end up being cheaper to fix. And servicing your car also increases the resale value and may lengthen the longevity of the car.

Not to mention, this could also help you save money on your MOT. One of the worst things about having an MOT is whether or not it will pass or fail.

By servicing your car, it reduces the risk of any nasty surprises when you take your car in for it’s MOT.