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5 Tips To Help Keep You On The Road This Winter

Wed, 08 Jan 2020 15:17:00
Winter Driving Tips

5 Tips To Help Keep You On The Road This Winter

Let’s face it there is never a convenient time to break down on the roads, but during the cold Winter months breaking down is something many drivers are keen to avoid. So, you will be pleased to know that there are actually a few things that you can do during those colder months to help you avoid breaking down!

Check Your Fuel Level

This might sound obvious step to take, but it’s often the simplest of hurdles that often end up tripping us up in the long run. Before heading out ensure that you have enough fuel to get you to and from your destination if harsher weather was to hit.

Nobody wants to be stuck in the snow with no fuel!

Tyre Tread

Although the legal minimum requirement of the tread is 1.6mm, during those colder months of the year it is recommended that drivers have 3mm of tread on their tyres. This is to better aid traction and grip should you encounter ice or snow on the roads.

Having too little tread is not only illegal in the UK, but it will also impair your ability to drive safely in adverse weather conditions.

Oil Level

Checking your oil level is essential all year-round, simply checking the level regularly with the dipstick can help you to avoid breaking down when you least need it. Running your vehicle dangerously low on oil can have serious mechanical implications.

Keep Your Screenwash Topped Up

During the Winter months, there is a greater amount of dirt and grit on the roads, which naturally results in filthy windscreens. Ensuring that your screenwash is topped up with a quality pre-mix which is effective down to -15 is essential.

Avoid A Frozen Engine With Coolant

On those colder mornings, the last thing you want to encounter whilst rushing off to work is a frozen engine. If you keep your car serviced regularly, you shouldn’t need to top up the coolant, however, if you’re heading out on a long journey it’s always best practice to check first.