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* Note - Some UK postcodes can not be serviced

We want to make the process of scrapping you car simple and effortless, we will take on all the heavy lifting and you can sit back and relax. Just enter your Car's Registration Number and Postcode into our instant scrap quote form and get your price in seconds.

The process couldn't be easier

Once you're happy and have accepted your instant quote, we'll get one of our friendly team to give you a call to talk about your quote and what to do next. They'll be on hand to guide you through everything from start to finish and they'll do everything they can to make things as smooth sailing as possible.

We know how difficult it can be to organise someone to take over your old car and we stand head over heels above our competitors when it comes to giving you the best advice, leave it to us and we'll make sure everything is sorted for you... we're really on your side!

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Quotes Based On Weight

Our quotes are based on weight of the car, van or truck and not their condition. If we think we can salvage more from your vehicle, then we'll pay you a better price, it's that simple! We will take and recycle any vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes, if you think you have something heavier then feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we might be able to help you out.

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Quotes Are Guaranteed

We know it takes time to make up your mind sometimes, and that's why we give you 7 days to decide whether to scrap your car with us. Once you are given your quote that is the price we will pay you, no if's or but's. We keep a record of your details and the amount we have promised to pay, so simply head back to the website and you will see your latest offer in the header, which is free to accept.

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FREE UK Collection Service

Sometimes trying to figure out how to get rid of your old motor is more trouble than it's worth, we love making the process so easy you almost feel bad for taking money from us too... almost. So if your car isn't working, isn't deemed road worth, doesn't have insurance/tax or you just plain can't be bothered, then let us do the work for you.

On of our collection team will come and pick up your car at a time and date that suits you.

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We'll Take Any Car - Any Condition

We'll take your car, it doesn't matter what the condition. As long as it has 4 wheels we'll organise to take it off your hands.

We're proud to offer a complete, reliable collection service that will help you get your car out of tricky situations, so even if your car isn't deemed road worthy then you'll be able to scrap with us.

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Official DVLA Certificate of Destruction

The DVLA Certificate of Destruction is a document that proves that your car has been destroyed and done so meeting all the appropriate ELV regulations. These can only be issued by an Authorised Treatment Facility, so by scrapping your car with ScrapYourCarOnline you can rest assured that you won't be hit with a nasty fine from the DVLA, or in worse can scenarios, face prosecutuion because the car was used for illegal activity without your knowing.

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No Hidden Fees

No absolutely means no, we're as transparent about our prices as you can get. In the small number of cases that there may be additional charges that apply, you will be informed about ahead of time and given the chance to change your plans if required.

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Collection Times To Suit You

Once you've accepted your instant quote, one of our friendly sales team will get in touch with you to organise a collection time to suit your schedule, we'll answer any questions you have there and then and they'll be with you every step of the process.

Don't worry if your car isn't totally accessible, as long as you let us know we can bring the correct tools for the job!

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We Do Not Pass On Details

We pride ourselves on offering the best service possible to our customers, your privacy is a huge part of that and we're dedicated to keeping your details safe. We use the latest technology, using state-of-the-art security processes all make sure your information is locked down and stays that way.