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Do UK Drivers Ignore Phone Driving Laws?

04 February 2019

In the UK it is an offence to use your phone while driving, you can only use a hands-free device and you are not allowed to touch your phone, even to answer a call or adjust your maps. Only when you are parked is it fully legal to use your phone. Worryingly, a recent survey revealed that so many British drivers ignore the laws on using their phones while driving. A new survey of over 2,300 UK drivers shows that these laws are frequently being broken.  Drivers are regularly running the risk of landing fines and points or worse causing a collision as they scroll social media.


The top 5 offences were:

72% of people have sent a text while driving

61% have posted a status update to social media

57% have made a call without using a hands-free device

51% of people have posted a story to snapchat or Instagram

And 45% have taken photographs or selfies behind the wheel!


These figures are much higher than expected, despite the punishment for using a mobile while driving being doubled back in 2017. Now if you are caught you can land yourself with a £200 fine and 6 points on your licence! The worst figure from the survey is that almost half of people, 43%, said they had experienced near misses whilst they were busy on their phones!